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Jazz Piano Improv Vol. 4 Scales & Modes

Lesson level 4: Advanced (?)

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About This Lesson...

In this lesson we will cover ALL of the modes of the Major scale and how to incorporate them into your soloing. This lesson is perfect for those who have gone through our 3 other improvisation volumes and want to improve their knowledge of modes and how to incorporate them into their playing.

Here's a recent comment from a student:

This lesson has been probably the best lesson so far. It is a mind, memory, ear, and brain opening experience. I kept hearing the modes and recognizing the sounds i have heard for years. Great, great lesson.

Chapters in this lesson:

  1. Scales and Modes Intro (2:12)
  2. Modes of the Major scale (8:50)
  3. Modes with block chords (8:33)
  4. Mode usage (6:19)
  5. Ionian Mode (2:45)
  6. Dorian mode (5:59)
  7. Phyrgian (5:36)
  8. Lydian mode (4:03)
  9. Mixolydian (6:39)
  10. Aeolian mode (Blue Bossa) (5:01)
  11. Locrian mode (4:29)
  12. Using modes...Here is That Rainy Day (5:42)
  13. Commonality between modes (4:43)
  14. Here is That Raining Day...Improv (9:20)
  15. Creating chord scales (9:33)

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  2. jpl-scales_modes_chords.pdf
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Lesson Details

Lesson type:Theory
Key signature:
Running time:90 minutes
Chapter listing:
  • Scales and Modes Intro (2:12)
  • Modes of the Major scale (8:50)
  • Modes with block chords (8:33)
  • Mode usage (6:19)
  • Ionian Mode (2:45)
  • Dorian mode (5:59)
  • Phyrgian (5:36)
  • Lydian mode (4:03)
  • Mixolydian (6:39)
  • Aeolian mode (Blue Bossa) (5:01)
  • Locrian mode (4:29)
  • Using modes...Here is That Rainy Day (5:42)
  • Commonality between modes (4:43)
  • Here is That Raining Day...Improv (9:20)
  • Creating chord scales (9:33)

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