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We have added a complete lesson along with downloadable sheet music called Improvisation Techniques. This way you can see an entire lesson from start to finish so you can experience how easy it is to learn from Willie’s teaching.

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Willie’s instruction is by far OUTSTANDING. My focus is cocktail piano and he provides the advanced level instruction that I need, along with basics in areas that I am weak in. What’s great is that you can custom select what you want to focus on. The extra tidbits of information he provides within the lessons are wonderful little gems. Even when I listen to topics that I think I know, I end up learning more! Willie’s enthusiasm is delightful and his clarity in instruction is remarkable.

Rita from Wisconsin



Yesterday evening I saw the light and I now understand drop-2-voicing. I purchased the famous Drop-2-voicing book and also found a page on the Internet from Berklee about drop-2-voicing. But the bright light was shed by Willie only and nobody else. I even understood things new to me. Willie explains this better then the drop2-book in my humble opinion. Today I would probably even be able to lecture on the subject. So once again a big hand for Willie!

Bill from Sweden



I find a lot of good stuff in your online-school. Sheet music-material and video-material and audio-material is welldone and helpful for improving technic of playing as well as understanding the relationship of different components in jazz-music.

Reiner from Germany



I have been subscribing to Jazz Piano for a month and I just wanted to whole heartedly appreciate and praise you for the good job you are doing. Willie is an excellent teacher and the lessons are easy to grasp, he has clarity over everything he is doing and at the end we are granted with one good lesson which makes us feel heavenly while playing! Keep up the good work Willie and Valerie

Manu from India